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About Bull Terriers


Bull Terriers are known as friendly and outgoing dogs, even having a "clownish" attitude about them. Their physical strength is matched by their intelligence, and both body and mind need to be kept active. They love to play, but a large yard is not a must for this dog. As a breed they are generally placid and will not normally make the first move. They are very affectionate dogs that love human company. Bull Terriers are particularly good with children and smaller dogs.


Pedigrees of Bull Terriers date from the period during which the English Stud books were first written (circa 1874-6). Although the breed was developed from fighting dogs, the Bull Terrier was intended to be a show dog and companion.

The now extinct breeds Old English Bulldog and Old English Terrier were crossed to form a new breed of dog called the Bull and Terrier.  Around 1860, the Bull and Terrier breed split into two branches, the pure white Bull Terrier and the colored forms.

Although the name causes confusion, Bull Terriers are not directly related to American Pit Bull Terriers. Both breeds do, however, descend from the same ancestors.

***The Bull Terrier was recognized by the
United Kennel Club in 1948.

Bull Terrier Facts

Famous Bull Terriers


                                   Bullseye mascot of theTarget Corporation

                                                    Patsy Ann 

                                                    Rude Dog 

                                               Spuds MacKenzie 

  • Whiskey, from the Eidos Commandos series
  • Fauntleroy, a dog Peter Fox looked after a few times from FoxTrot
  • Best in Show Champion Rocky Top's Sundance Kid - aka "Rufus" - Bull Terrier (Colored) - 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show [1] [2] 
  • Grimm, from the cartoon Mother Goose and Grimm by Mike Peters
  • Brut, in the novel, Answers to Brut, by Gillian Rubinstein

  • Odd's dog, Kiwi, is rumored to be a bull terrier. 

    ..................and many others!

                                           Scud from the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story.

                                    Chico a dog in Next Friday and Friday After Next


                  In the film Oliver!, Bill Sykes owns an English Bull Terrier named Bullseye


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